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Two BMW S14 motors, a tranny....... and a dream

I may consider selling both E30 M3 S14 motors I have............ one's in the car and will come with the tranny and everything and I have a second backup on a stand, no tranny though. Everything is there but the A/C bits. One stock header, one 50/50 with a beautiful custom stainless exhaust. Lot of other parts too.......... including a lot of bits like the fibreglass air box, some of Lee's bits all to go to MS or stand alone, etc.

I believe the motor in my car is a 180,000 KM motor. I've done a lot of the maintenance on it recently .......... bottom end, all the gaskets, starter, new clutch, water pump, samco hoses, alternator, new oil cooler, new oil pump, Gustave wiring set, new cap and rotor, BMW 50/50 two piece header, brand new 740 engine mounts, etc, etc......... because it was all out of the car. Tranny also has that DTM (?) short shifter kit from John (?). Basically, all the stuff most enthusiasts would do when the motor/tranny is out, but is still running fine. Since then, about 200 km only on the car. It was running well before, so I didn't get into the opening it all up right down to the guts. I wrote down the compression numbers somewhere and they are all good.

The second motor..........I believe one cylinder is down a bit on compression, but everything is there. Mileage wise I can't confirm 100% but I think the PO said around the 150,000 km mark.

If anyone knows of anyone that may be interested, have them contact me. This is very preliminary at this time. This is in no way a give-away or a steal. It will be for fair market pricing as the funding would be going towards the new project I'm considering........ a motor swap. And I'm thinking the new swap will be in the $16K range......... The sale of the two motors and the bits hopefully will be a good start in achieving that budget........... although I do understand it will still be nowhere near the total required. And no, it's not a euro motor. This swap I'm considering has been done, but it's not common.

Yeah, I maybe for even thnking about this .........but you only live once !!!

Comments are welcome......................

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