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1. Furious- 1994 325is/ m50b30/ stage 1 AA supercharger.

2. SickFinga - 1997 M3/4 - RMS Stage 2+ Supercharger.

3. BMW_7 - 1995 BMW 318i - Downing Atlanta Supercharger

4. bubsy12 - 1995 Dodge Avenger - Star Stage 2 Turbo Setup w/upgrades and Built Block/Head/Tranny (Non-Bimmer but I can help answer any generic boost questions)

5._DIESEL_ 1998 328i SPA Turbo Setup 10psi

6. Striker- 87 325is Garret/Tial Sports GT28S turbo presently. I am rebuilding an 91 e34 535i 3.5L M30 engine (stock 220HP) to swap into the e30 and will turbocharge right fter expecting around 350 plus RWHP for starters, hoping for 400 plus when done.

7. Meegis - 00' Audi S4 Stage 2 (Stage 2+ by end of April 06')

8. Darkness95m3; AA Rotrex Supercharger, AA turbo clutch, custom 2 1/4 pipes, Headers, AA Gen III muffler, Head work including custom valve seat profile,

9.90e30i-1990 325i, Custom twin turbo setup 10 psi

10. Mr. M-Tech : 1986 325e - s50b30 - Motronix Motorsports Supercharger

11. Adriano : 1996 E36 318i w/S52 swap - 2+ ESS supercharger - Nitrous Oxide - & rocket launchers

12. SuperM3- 97 M3 RMS Stage 2+

13. SuperM3- 03 M3 AA stage 2 (416rwhp)

14. bmdbley'sBro- 93 318is -Garret T28R - SDS EIC

15. just325is-'92 325is with RMS stage 2

16. just325is-'98 Audi A4 2.8 with PES supercharger 6 psi screw type

17. DJCONTRA - Authentic Rieger Infinity II (on '94 E36 coupe chassis); M50 powered with 12psi Vortech V9 G-trim S/C option installed (not looking to win any competitions horsepower wise, but she sure puts a smile on my face every time )


19. Sloveniaboy-'94 325is AA Supercharged

20. Fozz - e30 325i, Holset H1C, msns-e, was pulling 1.3bar, now with lower c/r and hopefully 1.5bar, road test and tuning about to start...again...

21.paul- 325/3.2M3obd1, custom gt325r turbo setup

22. Swift_m3 318i/E30 TD05 1st gen custom turbo set up, cold air, greddy BOV, AEM AFR wideband controller, custom head rebiuld

23. EMPOWERD - '05 smart Fortwo coupe, E.A.T. 63HP remap (18psi).

24.328power-03 Subaru WRX - Stage 2 Turbo - 226 AWHP

25. Themadchigga- 91 Volvo 740 - hybrid TD05 12B (hot)/16G (cold) and exhaust etc.

26. Bmwm5lover-98 Volvo S70 T5SE- Stock- 2.3-litre, four-valve-per-cylinder, dohc, turbocharged and intercooled powerplant maes 240 horsepower at 5100 rpm. Not sure of PSI or anything.

27. Autotechnica - '96 850 Turbo TD04 16T - 14PSI Upsolute remap, w/ various mods (CAI, RI Piping, 3" d/p, 2.5" catback exhaust, race cat, MSD coil pack, Turbo XS BOV, Megnecore wires, etc. 290HP/300lbs*ft TRQ.

BTW, Terry your volvo runs at around 6-8psi.

28. Hamann330ci-2002 330ci ASA super charger 9.5 psi, headers-cat-back- ecu remaped and 40lb injecters. 325hp and 295 tq to the wheels. (Dynoed)

29. Jeffrie- 97 318is Downing Atlanta Supercharger

30. JUS_CRZN- 98 328i, AA s/c intercooled with 99 3.2l motor swap.

31. Blackedout_e36
-87Buick Grandnational (minor engine work)
85 Maserati Biturbo (engine swap in the mix *cough 2 jz*
85 Toyota Mr2 (89 jdm s/c 16valve DOHC engine/lsd tranny)
91 Vw Passat TDI

32. Skeezix - '89 Mazda 323 DX with GT motor swap. 15psi 14.2@98mph in the 1/4. But also am selling.

33.JMW- 97' BMW m3, VF engineering stage 1 with numerous other mods

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"i saw your car there when i was there a few weeks ago, looks absolutely stunning man. I think i popped a ****ing boner, that paint looks sick
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