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So I bought a GruppeM intake off of maXbimmer member "gawa" and I installed it today... I thought I would post some pictures of my install

It is obviously used; I believe that I am the third owner. As you can see from the pics there is no rubber protection around the edge of the carbon fiber so I loaded it up with foam tape... hopefully it will hold up to at least winter, at which point I will probably put on some thicker foam...

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics, I lent my DSLR to my cousin two weeks ago for a week... go figure

The intake was kind of flimsy and knocking around when I shook the piping so I decided to macguyver some sort of mounting system... Take a look, it is not fully done but it definitely will hold for now.

I cannot believe the difference in sound this thing makes on my car. It has a slight sucking noise when you push the pedal and then it turns into a mean growl... I like!!!

I havent driven it far yet, but the drive to work tomorrow should be fun I will post here if my fuel consumption changes because of the intake as I am curious to know how much of a difference it makes.
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