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Fronts: 9" x 21" - 255/30/21
Rears: 10.5" x 21" - 285/30/21

But I will be replacing the rubber in the new season, and thinking of keeping the same B7 specs, which are 245/35/21 fronts and 285/30/21 since the tires I want, Hankook Ventus V12 Evo's only come in those sizes for 21's.

Thought this was a cool shot, with the center cap of another wheel showing through the middle.

The front tires are in good shape, but the rear tires will need to be replaced as they are highly worn in the middle. No big deal, allows me to burn through them and possibly get a nice video of a smoke show

They won't be on the car until next season when the car is out of storage, but if we don't get snow here this weekend and the weather is nice, I might put them on just to test fit them to see how they look.

I am now up to 7 sets of wheels for The 7!
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