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I didn't say Saddams treatment of the Kurds is right, but, when just like with the serbs, you give someone a room to stay in your house, and eventually they want the whole house and start demanding it too?

He killed kurds because they were coming into his country illegally.

Its funny you mention Hitler killing the Jews but ****, the Jews were slaughtered by the thousands before the USA even lifted its foot, meanwhile the europeans where fiting the deadliest war in history.

But never mind that I mean you seem to be the genius when it comes to remvoing tyranous people from power.

How about the Kimir Rouge.. the slaughtered 10 million Cambodians, where was the all mighty powerfull USA ARMY??? huh mother ****er? where were they?
10 million people in the ****ing 1970 to 1976 and the USA just stood by and watched... More cambodians were slaughtered then Jews, how come you dont bring that to the table all mighty educated one??? no one even talks about the kimir rouge. ****ing ignorants.

But wait a second that doesnt count for you right.

You go on to say lets compare apples to apples..

Here is a ****ing pumpkin (the big ones) compared to your ****ing plum idiot...

10 million people died and no one did anything abou tit.... and you are going to tell me the USA is doing the right thing by saving 1000 kurds from dieing? **** off you dont know the half of it.

go and follow your own trend. you're the only yuppy here you dolt.

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