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Originally Posted by Murchie View Post
These cruises need to be better organized. Once we hit 401 we lost you guys. We were somewhat in the front of the pack but i just couldn't see you guys. There were other drivers too that feel the same way. We drove until pickering and then decided to call it a night. Sorry to say but this was one was a flop. And just a suggestion, heading north is probably a better option. More quiet roads and you wont hit traffic like we did on 401.
With that said i would also like to suggest there should also be check points/points of interest listed or well known in advance to everyone in-case people do get lost in the pack or get caught up in traffic, i also second going north or west, less traffic and better roads

first 15 minutes of the cruise was amazing until entering the 401 entrance off the 400, lots of confusion and then the cruise basically ended because the pack was lost and tried for good 10 minutes to find it but no luck, needs to be better organized for sure
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