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Brand New Xbox 360

Brand New Xbox 360 with 5 games and 4 controllers. 2 of the controllers are wireless, I got this as a present from a friend but I really do not have the time to waist on it. This is a beautiful system it’s just that I can not afford to sit at home and waist my time on it. Not everybody feels like I do a lot of ppl tell me to just keep it and not to sell it they are just saying that so they can play it when they come over lol but I really have no use for it. This x box comes with 5 games and a remote controller.

Need for speed- Most wanted
NBA Live 06
Perfect Dark ZERO
Project Gotham Racing 3

All of the games come with manuals

I’m willing to let it go for 500 dollars this system is worth a lot more than that, a true gamer will know matter a fact I will let it go for 450 since I’m not a true gamer. Prefer to a local pick up and cash in hand but I can also ship it out at the buyer’s expense. For more info contact me Mike Lozich at mustang0167@hotmail.coom

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