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I forgot to mention that I ended up stripping one of the torque heads on the drivers side when when I was removing the old axles. So by grinding off the final lug I ended up having to try and drill out the left over slug within the flange and this is what happened.

First time drilling a slug out and I forgot to center punch it which explains the excess bit on the side and lack of hand eye coordination left me leaving a small hole in the collar

And now to options:
1. Off myself.
2. Since the flat side of the flange is flush I can mount the axle anyways minus one torque and possibly risk greater damage in the future? But then again some honda guys ride with 3 lugs on their tires.
3. Buy / look for another drivers side flange for my ti. Used meaning I'd have to buy the whole diff from someone or OEM..

Any advise from you guys I would greatly appreciate.
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