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Could be thermostat stuck closed, fan clutch not working properly, loss of coolant due to head gasket being damaged, radiator/hoses/expansion reservoir leaking etc.

If you want an m42 car with that kind of mileage then pay close attention to what kind of shape it's in - is the engine bay a total unkept mess? Is it leaking oil? Can you hear the timing chain rattle when you rev the engine? Does it make any weird noises from the timing case area? M42s can be in bad shape at that mileage - the oil pan tends to loosen off decreasing oil pressure which causes everything to wear out faster. Also the timing chain guides deteriorate, the chain tensioner needs to be replaced periodically, your cam sprockets may be worn out causing the chain to be loose etc. Because it's a more modern engine than the m20, any components that need to be replaced are more expensive. It IS a lower maintenance engine though.
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