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UUC UDP installed (pulleys)

UUC UDP installed! (pulleys)

So I got around to installing my UUC underdrive pulleys last night. 2hr job! And that's because I had a hard time figuring out how to put back the A/C belt - even though I took pictures before! My fault! Definitely a DIY job. Thanks Bruno - gave him a late night call 'cause I got stuck at one point - sorry for waking you up!

Used ramps instead of axle stands. Felt safer and it wasn't wobbly working on the car as stands can sometimes feel.

Replaced the power steering and water-pump pulley plus new A/C and P/S,W/P,Alt belt. New belt is slightly longer for obvious reasons of the pulleys being slightly larger diameters.

I know there are already a few write-ups on how to do it so I won't add another one.

I already had the fan-delete mod done a couple of weeks ago, so access to the area was much easier without the fan being there. I would recommend removing the fan-shroud and rad frame (if possible), cause that's where I kept cutting up my arms!

Hardest part of the job was putting back the last belt- A/C. You do have to wiggle and force it back on the pulley while reefing on the tensioner (best done with something long that can add leverage). 2nd set of hands is priceless here!

Initial impressions? Stiffer steering! Can't miss that. And I love it. Since I didn't do a pre and post dyno. I can't determine any hp gains. does seem to rev more freely/quicker - key word SEEM. That's all I can tell for now.

I'll do a few test runs soon and report back. BUT.....I just happened to get hold of a Beltronics FX1 Accelerometer that I'm testing out for work. So I did get a chance to do a few base runs prior to the pulleys. Best run to 60mph was 6.4s - done with full tank of gas and tons of crap in my car and w/my winter tires on. Also got LOTS of wheelspin off the line on that 6.4s run. So I know there's room for improvement. Just hope I see it!!!

Now...someone buy my VDP (VPD?) pulleys please!!!! for an M50, 325.
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