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Originally Posted by Acidblast
so with that size I won't have any speedo errors? on a side note do you think 18" are too big for an e30?
With either of those tires, you will have less than 1% speedo error (up to 3% is considered normal deviance). I think to pull off 18's you need some sort of aftermarket bodywork, on my car for example they would look a little big. I really like those particular ASA's though, I'd buy them. Be very careful though, Minis have a slightly smaller centrebore than E30's, so if those wheels are made to exact Mini spec, they WILL NOT work an on E30. Contacting ASA or even Tirerack will get you a firm answer on that, ask them for the centrebore measurement. It needs to be at least 57.1mm.

Originally Posted by Acidblast
Mystikal, those ASA AR1 18" have an offset of 38mm.
You will want 15mm H&R hubcentric spacers, with longer bolts or a stud conversion.
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