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NP man, I'm about 60 lbs lighter than when you last saw me so I look a bit different. I heard you pull out of your office (I was taking the shortcut, was turning left onto... crap... Tomken is it? Well where your office is. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have recognized you either with the beard.

Yeah I've got Mark's M5 chip in it but it needs a proper fuel map since displacement is larger, the rotating mass is lighter so it can spin up faster. The guys who sold me the racing components said with the mods I have they see bet. 370-390 hp when the engine is tuned properly.

I really want to go but it doesn't look like $ will allow it. I need new tires, brakes and some other junk, plus there's the cost of the school. I just came back from 2 months in Europe and banks want money that I didn't pay them while I was gone... ****ers LOL. But if there's any chance in hell for me to make it I'll be there. I loved it last time, not just the track but living in that little city. It's like your own private little car heaven.

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