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Originally Posted by maxx318i
what if i didnt have a car?

my mom's A6 4.2 stands beside my 318i. so?? i could drive that. dont matter.

does it make a difference? and who are you to police this about who makes what remarks and driving what car.. you drive a $600 beater x 2.
the book value of my car is $11,500 as of today. i have 3 plp calling me who wanna take it off my hands for 10,400. i could pile at least 8 of ur cars in my backyard and laugh as a tank drives over them and could still buy a BMW.
does it matter?
my dad is driven around in a s600 amg biturbo.i bought the nicest car i could afford, and yes the 300zx is a piece of nasty shit and i took the keys to a 1.8liter BMW over that.
i love it. it keeps up with my bro's RX-8 on hairpins doing 120 - i dont care about anything else.
just enjoy the freaking forum and keep ur idiotic comments to yourself.

^^^^^^^^^ applies to you, when ur talkign to me.
I don't care about what your mom drives, what your dad is driven around in, or what your cousin's uncle's brother's wife's friend's newphew drives, You drive a 318i, and I can buy one for about half of the money that was spent on my car. But this has nothing to do with money.

You know nothing about my car. It will out accelerate 95% of the cars on this site, and even if it had the stock engine, it would give 318's a good beating. It will also outhandle a stock e36 on an open track.
Do you not see that from mount intercooler peeking out from behind the front bumper? Oh wait... you probably don't even know what that is.
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