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Originally Posted by BigD
Or buy one
BigD, IMHO that's the root of the problem. People are saying "Screw the other person! I'm driving Molly to school in a SUV/truck to keep her safe, and if I run into someone because I wasn't paying attention and it kills them solely because I picked this SUV/truck, so be it."

The problem with this rationale is twofold. First, there is the unsymmetrical collison between an SUV and a car. Second, there is the SUV vs. SUV collision, which is inherently worse than a car vs. car collision because of the extra mass involved. Thirdly, where is this thinking going to end? If a person buys a cute-ute for the "extra protection" in an asymmetrical collision (a collision with a car) what in the world is this person going to do when their neighbour shows up with a Ford Explorer? Buy a Hummer H1? An Abrams MBT?

Being an alert, defensive driver will do far more to protect your loved ones than driving a vehicle on the road with a body-style intended for off-road use.
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