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Originally Posted by Nascar318is
Like they both said Adam, if you're not in gear take the drivers side tire off and go from there and see what the problem could be before damaging anything any more.

I hope they didn't do any more damage to your car.. But check the E-brake just in case. Buddy that had your car could have had the e-brake on the whole time it was there and told you that it wasn't on.

Could be the springs for the e-brake as well.. But start with taking the tire off...

Or worst comes to worst get someone like Sylvain to go and take a look at it. I'd go but I have my son tomorrow so no go for me.
Lol no guys it's not in gear

yeah i'm going to get a wheel off
i was looking over the bentley manual pics, instructions,
looks straight forward (sure it won't go that way though!)

again though Isn't it odd though that both wheels can move 1 inch back & forth???
shoes should stop any movement right?
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