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Just a little update from the end of the "fun" season as to what I did to her over the summer. Interior wasn't touched too much; just a Husco armrest, leather ebrake boot and handle, and a cassette holder in the console. Threw in a glass moonroof that migrated here from California, and a German 6 button face plate on the OBC. Also threw a spare Euroweave in the trunk. Wouldn't want to roll on a 14" spare, heaven forbid.

Exterior useless crap like euro grills and plate filler were thrown on so that I look like all the other cool e30's out there, and an OEM Pheba "Aerodynamics Package" trunk spoiler that I scored, to set it apart a little bit.

Anyways, that's about it for 2011.

2012 (if it survives the winter) will hopefully have a few more thing in store for me to change. Nothing too special. I think if all goes well, I'll throw some Hartge skirts and a Hartge trunk spoiler on, but that's a maybe. Rear window sun blind and a ski pass rear seat are in the works as of late, but hitting some snags for now. Thats it for now. Winter tires are staring at me now.


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