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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
How you guys get up at 8am on a weekend is beyond me. I don't even start work till 10 during the week! lol I think if you moved it later in the day you would get slightly more people showing up.
Have fun, post pics.
LOL. It's not getting up at 8am, it's getting there before 8am, if you arrive at 8, you're scrambling to get ready, you need time to register, car prep, body prep (washroom), track walk, drivers meeting etc. etc. I get up at 5am, on these days to be there for 6am to set everything up before everyone arrives...............and I AM NOT a morning person! LOL. I just do what I got to do.

Starting later at Mosport is not an option because of rules imposed on the track they are only allowed to have active vehicles on track between the hours of 9am - 5pm. Prior to, and after those times is for service vehicles only, and as such there is only insurance coverage for those times. So if we start at 11am, we're still paying the same amount for the track yet losing 2 hours of valuable track time. It's just the way it goes. Track guys typically set their priorities accordingly and give up a night of partying, go to bed early, in exchange for a full day of exhilaration and thrills. It's such a worthy trade off.

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