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Originally Posted by e30tOny View Post

.....mono wiper.....bad idea [hard to "undo"] have known of people
who did this only to be stopped and sent to a safety inspection and
told dual wipers need to be refitted

........if the paint is reasonable, I would leave it as is for now

........& whats wrong with an M42....good gas mileage
& perky enuff in the real world to get you plenty of tickets [if thats what
your looking for]
Nothing wrong with the m42 lol..after all I will be driving it mostly all of 2014 with the m42 in it as I wont have the funds for the swap until end of next wont be raced or anything but I do want it to have that bmw i6 music coming from the exhaust eventually and have some more power to play with...and mono wiper isnt a necessity I just saw it on a few e30s online, liked it, figured id consider it myself because I heard its legal in ontario to have one wiper
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