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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
There is nothing wrong with trackdays.

And its not like all cars barely make it off the track at them either. Op made an error and paid for it. At a well run track day he wouldve been black flagged for sure. Doesnt mean one cant get out for some lapping on the cheap at an event like this. You just have to keep your wits about you and realize you arent running the nurburgring on ps3.

*obviously the school is a great thing to attend but to play it off like its the only suitable or decent option seems a bit biased.

The more track days out there the better imho.
Definetly not biased.
The school makes you realize how shitty those cheap, poorly organized trackdays really are. Not a jab at you guys, but the attendees reflect the reputation too.

I attended a $250 JRP day last July at MOsport GP with a couple friends.....(couldn't pass it up at that price) boy did the price ever reflect how it was organized.

In the morning it started 2 hours late....(They were short marshalls)
There was A and B know how they distinguished between the two?
"Hey, you been here before?" Yeah........"okay you're in A group".
gives me a sticker and walks away.

The drivers meeting was a joke. One of the marshalls had to chime in at the end on track safety, passing....etc because this guy had no clue and ended the drivers meeting without going over any of this stuff.

At least 10 cars must have crashed/written off cars because they were idiots.
Myself included, but that was a maintenance issue, not driving like a retard.

After I smacked my car in a wall, they bring out an attendees friends jeep cherokee to pull me off the track. Didn't clean up the coolant that I slipped on (it was from my car) nor even bother to f***in check the track to make sure there wasn't any left.
Before the day started we made a bet on how many cars would crash by the end of the day.....
I said 5
at the end at least 10 crashed

Maybe I'm a snob now. But Trillium and BMW Toronto
are the only ones I will ever attend. I don't care what amazing price another organizer has. There's a reason for it.

Originally Posted by JINT View Post
Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.

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