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Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
$500? or just scrap it...
WTF kind of advice is that? The car is worth money even with a theft recovery and accident....may not be a highly desirable daily driver but as a track car or a car to beat on it would get scooped up quickly if selling for a decent price.

Also wondering why you want to part ways with this car? High kms is no reason to be afraid of that engine if it was maintained as you claim.

No rust and no scratches? Was the vehicle completely repainted after the accident or theft? If still original paint the body sounds pretty mint.

If you decide to sell for $500 or scrap the car let me know, I will drive to you and pick it up with a trailer and $1000 even after you get in another accident and you live in BC.

Drive the damn thing till the wheels fall off!
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