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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
But they do use regular vehicle compartments to launder money and drugs all the time, and they aren't even a secret compartment. So doesn't that then mean that the auto manufacturer knowingly built a compartment that is used to smuggle drugs and money?
No, it is not. It's like handing an individual a knife in the kitchen vs handing someone a knife as they're standing over a body on the ground. Similar items, vastly different intentions but a sensible person knows what the latter is likely to do. Being aware of such intentions means you're playing with fire, and he got burned.

Originally Posted by blakneto View Post
I dont think he was that oblivious... They may not have told him but he must have had a reasonable idea what they would use it for...
He absolutely did. His caution and telling them to leave when he saw money is indicative of him knowing he was doing something he shouldn't have, yet he did the work anyways when the money was gone. He should have severed all ties at that point, but greed got to him.

Guy should get his earned three years and sent on his way.

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