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The cure to my depression.

Over the years I've never post much if anything in regards of supporting any vendors on forums, because I think there's enough people to show their supports and I don't like to stand on any side.

But in the case of Mike & Jay its pretty different, as some may know, owning an E39 540i is not for the faint of the heart, modifying one and drive it all the time is even worse, and as a person who's gluten to punishment, I've spent significant amount of my time and money on this car just to get it run right.

After battling it non-stop for years, yesterday I drove my car home without check engine light, no ticks, no spike in engine temperature, no funny business, just as a normal E39 540i would.

There have been times that I've almost grown to fear the car, but yesterday was one of the happiest days I've had in many many years, and all thanks to Mike & Jay, and my wife who keeps telling me not to push the car off the cliff.
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