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Hi Quack,

Thanks, for your understanding and support, I don't understand what is going on, some one asked form members their opinion regarding the main question which was pros and cons on 540 or 528, that dose not mean that 528 is better than 540 or vice versa. Every one talks about power and this and that as if they can use that on these roads. I have 370 HP on my Alpina B7 Turbo and every time I drive that I get so frustrated unreal. Because people here are not trained and the rules of our country is different then Europe.

Imagine you are driving in 401 at 140 KM/h and suddenly some one decides to change the line an pull in front of you with out any reason.

The last time I checked this country was a free country and people can raise their opinions and concerned as humanly as possible. You guys want to attack some one if it has a different point of view, that is fine but remember it is a two way street and at some point we will see eye to eye in meets and believe me the embarrassment will be on you.

Now if some momma’s boys that don't know or have a clue about BMW or what is it standing for, got his cars for his 16th birthday I can help it to say that you need to grew up and first understand what is the nature of question and then writ you comments.

Thanks, Sia

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