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One thing I don't get is, if the Kumho 712s are supposely not quite predictable when at the limit, what makes you think all seasons will out do this problem?

I'm not a hardcore track racer but I'm happy with the 712's performance when I autocross. It may not involve be highspeed driving, i.e. 100km/h plus but it does the job. I've taken it up at highspeeds and it feels smooth, no tire noises at all when cruising at slow speeds, but this tire is a Summer tire. I believe Jay323 was referring to the Kumho's 711's, they are All Seasons. Even Thinair uses the Yoko ES100's and look how impressive his times are.

Anyways I think you should go for the Conti's and try them. For the money you're spending you can select your tires by a trial and error process. If you dont' like the conti's, move on to another brand and so forth.
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