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Originally posted by Gamite
Dude, where u drive? that's nothign compared to downtown. Its called Dodging pylons.
Hehe, well I drive on finch/don mills to school and the roads there are pretty bad. Not too many pot holes though. However, lots of cracks and uneven surfaces. For some reason I noticed the Bilstein's seem to have a hell of a lot less rebound than the Koni's which gives it a kind of a wavy feeling on uneven surfaces. All I know is when I drive for more than 15 min, I already feel sick. Could be my overall suspension setup, x-brace, urethane RSM's, bilstein's, eibachs and my Z rated 17" tires. Either way, right now I feel my tires are really noisey and rough. Just ask Rob (E30M3). When I was cruising beside him on the highway with the windows down he says "holy, I can hear your tires, they are so loud!"

Anyways, Does Falken make all seasons? I remember that their tred life is quite sort as well. I've hear the Azenis or something like that is pretty good.

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