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Originally posted by Bill Gates
are u sure u want all season for your car? i've used the 712's and they are terrible in snow. the P6000 my gf has, and they are great, but only for light snow (and i mean light). her car is front wheel, so i can just imagine on a rwd.

i'm sure anyone that drives their bimmer in the winter will tell ya to keep winter tires along with summer. thats the best combo.

they don't even have to be the best of each, IMO, i find any winter tire will be better than the best all season tires. if u think about it, buying winter and summer tires will make your tread last longer for each season. its just the initial investment thats hard to swallow. but well worth it.
I'm not going to use them for snow. I've got 15" rims w/ winter tires for that. I've driven my bimmer through 3 winters already.

I just need a relatively cheaply priced tire for my car which is comfy, safe and gives a little bit of performance. I've found with stiff suspension my car handles worse in the city. With all those bumps and pot holes it actually makes the car much more difficult to drive compared to stock. When I get more into track I'm going to invest in some nicer tires. For now, it's just one step up above the economy crap. So I'm looking for so called "High Performance All Season" tires.

One thing I did like about the Hankooks I'm using, it has really really stiff sidewalls. I throw the car around daily and it's held up very well. On my AVID H4's the sidewall was literally inverted in less than 1 month of driving.

Thanks for you input.

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