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Originally posted by Jays_Arctic323is
I am using Kumho Ecsta, nice tread design, good wet/dry traction, and I paid about 150 a peice. It is a tire guy that is in the Erin Mills Car dealerships and it is a store tucked back beside discount car rentals......
Thats for 225/45/17 which I think is what you are after.
The only thing is they are an H rated tire, but I never get up to that speed of 210 so it doesn't matter, plus it doesn't wear as fast as a Z rated tire.
They are rated as all seasons? I never knew they were only H rated. Reguardless, I don't know if it's the material that is in the Hankook/Kumho tires. But for my style of driving I really need some predictable tires. I find both the 712's and Ventus plus to be a very unpredictable tire. When the tires give out, it has the same effect. It just glides and all you hear is gravel. I know the 712's grip very well, but what I'm most concerned about is when it's just about to give out.

Thanks for the reply.

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