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Originally Posted by DINAN 3 View Post
I guess, we managed to narrow down, where we disagree.

I believe it's the other way around.
Hamas is too corrupt to to make peace, as their terrorist funding from Iran would dry up, which would ultimately put them out of power.
Therefor, the issue will not be resolved, until the palestinians elect a Jordanian or Egyptian type of government, that manages to negotiate a peace agreement with Israel.
IMO (due to your military background) are too focused on the imbalance of military truly see what each of the parties motives are.
The difference being, in Israel the military doesn't rule, but in Gaza it does and it oppresses/plunders from it's people.
you sir are too wise for the juvenile attitudes in this thread! Israelis want nothing more than to be left the hell alone. If all of Israel's neighbours stopped declaring "Israel must be destroyed", and left it alone, Israel would ignore them.
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