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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
the maxbimmer cruises, spearheaded by member mystikal usually last the whole day from ~11ish to 9pm except for the midnight cruises (midnight to 5/6am). These happen on a monthly basis:
  • openning cruise - may. Absolutely epic roads out east.
  • midnight cruise pt 1 - sometime in june. A very unique event that, as the name suggests, takes place at midnight and lasts til sunrise if you're a real trooper
  • midnight cruise pt 2 - sometime in july.
  • fall cruise - sept/oct. Some of the best roads in northern gta. My personal favourite.

there is also canada's largest bmw event, bimmercruise (organized by member empowered and others) that takes place in late august. Last year's was truly incredible, being hosted at mosport international raceway with track events on the ddt circuit, many sponsors, including bmw dealerships, and brought out pretty much some of the cream of the crop of modded bmws in ontario.

Honestly, i think we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing, long, full-day events with driving on backroads away from traffic. From what i have seen on other regional us forums, none of their events really have such a large driver involvement. They are mostly meets and parking lot gatherings; but we have those, too. Last summer ertefa was the most insane regular car meet i have ever seen. Outside of la/mia scene, i think these had to be the biggest weekly car events on the continent.

Many maxbimmer members meet on friday nights at lapaloma in woodbridge as well, weather permitting.

Damn, i can't wait for warm weather now.
i love bmw and this forum
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