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Originally Posted by blakneto View Post
:p We can all agree its a somewhat "corrupt" system...

Easy to point the finger until YOU are in charge...

Any "money" the corps/banks got was PROMISED long before Barack took office. Remember the 8 years of JOKES that Bush gave the world?

Sometimes these big idiots cannot fail because it would cause MORE harm to the public at large... The Republican's did not want to give money only because they were NOT IN OFFICE and did not have a majority at on Capital Hill, so they can "play" on the general public's anger over BIG COMPANIES getting money.

Now that they have it (majority), they are attempting to BLOCK any good idea from the Democrats...

FOR YEARS the Republicans were giving BANKS/CORPS money... Nixon, Carter, Regan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr.... And I am sure Clinton put some in to win the election...
at the end of the day not letting the big idiots fail & allowing em to carry on 'coke bing'n' as it were, is going to be way worse for waay more people than letting them fail.

this vid adresses the 'left - right' garbage.. alot of people call it pro wrestlig they put on a good show - but in the back rooms they're buddies making deals. they're all beholden to big banks. money for campaign donations & those people have financed both sides of every war!

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