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bmdbley'sBro Im a little dissapointed in your thread here. How do you take what he says in that speech and misconstrue it so much?

everything he says is 100% spot on.

and you know what, that comment about the golden gate bridge, build by private funding. give me a ****ing break.. private funding my asss. Next youre going to tell me that rogers, bell, At & T, etc, etc, BUILD all of this internet infastructure without any help??

Lol, ya, you mean the near 0% borowing rates, the tax incentives given to them from the government banks and governments ??

wow dude, wake up man.

no business exists without the help of everyone else. you cant have a business that people dont buy from. you need a community, a town, a city. you need roads, you need police, you need internet, etc.

so he is right, YOU didnt do that all on your own without any help. You got help, from your people.
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