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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
why the hell did steve jobs not donate to charity like many others do? (gates, buffet etc)
The bio book talks about this. He tried but he found that the charities he became involved with would try to use him without his permission to raise money and mostly he was repulsed by the way the other "celebrities" acted who donated to charity. He gave lots of money for a while but told no one. And he observed how other people who did this really only did it for personal gain, either for tax purposes or bragging rights (which is a good point - why do you know about all these other big philanthropists? because they make sure it's known).

The other reason is the general impression I got from the book - the guy was actually a very serious piece of shit with major mental malfunctions. He may be a technological visionary but a man on a pedestal or a role model of any kind he is not. I'm pretty surprised they let the book go as is, it doesn't just "show his human side" like some people say, it paints a very grim picture of him. I was mainly just left feeling sorry for anyone he crossed paths with.
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