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Don't bother with battery switches or spending hours on the internet hoping someone will miraculously know what's wrong. There is exactly ONE way to determine why your battery is dying:

Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Get a good quality multimeter, unhook main batter positive lead (use the one on the firewall, closer to fuse box). Set multimeter on ammeter mode, run in series between positive terminal block on firewall and main lead to fuse box. If you have a current flowing you have a drain somewhere, start pulling fuses out of the fuse box until the reading changes, and then investigate that circuit. I had a similar problem, turned out to be the interior constant line (for radio), there was a small cut and corrosion in the wire causing a tiny short to the chassis that didn't draw enough current to blow the fuse but enough to drain the battery overnight.
Princess Auto and Canadian Tire have digital meters on sale on any given week for under $10. That's adequate for your needs.
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