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Originally Posted by Fel View Post
Okay, so I'm having this awesome problem with my battery....

If I leave the car off for more than a day, the battery dies. It's not the battery, I've already replaced it with no results. I've also checked a few times that I'm not leaving any lights on or anything.

Kind of sucks going somewhere and fearing that your car might not start by the time you get back to it.... I've taken to disconnecting the positive lead on the battery every time I'm out and parked jsut so it doesn't drain.

So my question is..... where do I start?? What could possibly be causing it? (Out of the 10 billion posibilities....) Could someone give me a checklist of sorts of what I should look at as a possible drain?... maybe starting from cheapest to most expensive...

Check the trunk light switch, i had same problem for a month untill i find out trunk light is on constantly.
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