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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
This about sums you two up.

Blades: Doesn't want to admit his xi cost more to maintain or burns more gas.
Jeff2: Thinks awd is a substitute for snow tires.

I was going to say Jeff is just a tool. Owning a BMW or a Ferrari doesn't mean fuel costs change. "Second, BMWs in general are expensive to maintain and gas cost are obviously higher." They both take 91 pump to begin with. Only thing that makes them more expensive is when the gas companies decide to change the price of gas.

"I was not making any reference to the cost of getting snow tires. I just don't want the hassle of changing them."
You should change them anyways. For your own safety and myself or anyone else that is out driving.

"Lastly, I'm trying to understand what value you bring to this thread as you don't seem to be too objective IE. look at both sides, provide options, experience etc. The original poster is asking for input to help make a decision." He did bring many posts that contain information. Weither you hate AWD or not doesn't change that fact that his posts are all TRUE and FACTUAL.
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