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I will agree that during the warranty period maintenance will not be a large difference. But there is a difference, transfer case and front diff does require service, but it shouldn't matter with scheduled maintenance covered by BMW.

If you don't plan to keep the car after warranty is over, then you shouldn't care. It starts to add up as the car gets older and more 'wear and tear' items needs to be replaced.

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that part is wear and tear..
That's the point, there are more parts that will eventually need replacement due to wear and tear and it's not only drive-train related. The complete front suspension is different including the sub-frame. Price out the labor on an Oil Pan Gasket job for a 328i vs 328xi, that's not the only example, price out labor on a front wheel bearing replacement also.

There are alot of 'xi' specific parts that are not as easy to find as rwd parts (yes you can find them), but not as many aftermarket options, sometimes you are stuck buying dealer only parts. Like you probably have already experienced finding a used 'xi' specific part isn't as easy either, unless eurostyle or some local vendor happens to have an xi they are parting out, which isn't as common as a rwd counterpart.

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Gas really depends on how you drive .. even if it were 8 dollars more per fill up wtf are you worried about 8 dollars if your driving around in a BMW.
Re-read my post, I said it burns more gas, which you just admitted is true. How much more doesn't matter, I never claimed it was a massive amount just that there was an increase in fuel consumption.

So really you agree what I said was true, then why the need for this?
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Where do you come up with this shit?!?
It's all facts my friend. No one said 'xi's are bad, they are still great cars for those who prefer and are willing to pay the premium they call for. Just know what your getting into, and don't be delusional thinking everything is the same.
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