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Originally Posted by KIRASIR View Post
Are you for real? Same car with some changes?

How about 2 extra differentials, twice as many half-shafts, and an extra drive-shaft? All of which will require some kind of maintenance sooner or later.

How much gas you ask? Go to and look it up. An e9x 328xi averages ~10l/100km vs 9l/100km for a 328. That's 10% -> around 8 bucks everytime you fill up a tank. You do the math.

And of course... Any particular reason why you would need this part if XI never breaks?
that part is wear and tear .. I dont need it right now so I thought I'd look around. I can buy it at anytime but I am shopping round for a cheaper price .. nothing new compared to what others do here as well. Its a common thing on the e90 but not on the e46

Gas really depends on how you drive .. even if it were 8 dollars more per fill up wtf are you worried about 8 dollars if your driving around in a BMW.
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