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i got all the tools my problem is time... as i am out for work almost everyday and weekend time is limited... i tried to take apart as much as i could to see how deep i have to delve in to do this and i was stuck at trying to take tb/icv out mostly because all my clamps were facing down and i would have to cut them to get to it.

Another thing i thought about was to remove the intake manifold completely. I have tons of tools and lots of torx bits/drivers so thats not an issue.. my issue is time and while i am in there if another part is wrecked or needs to be replaced then id be screwed as i am ordering parts from us to save myself the local rape.

I am at dvp/eglinton area so not very far ... i am still thinking if i should do it myself vs take it in... if i am doing myself and if i got some or any help if its feasible do it in a day or not...
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