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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Im confused.

You get paid out in two scenarious:

a) You die

b) You are diagnosed with critical illness and survive it.

Usually critical illness is heart attack, stroke, cancer. And each one of those will have a lock in period. E.g. if you get diagnosed with lung cancer and its in advanced stage, the insurance company will have a chart saying Given cancer X and prognosis Y, pay out date is Z.

The insured period is when you have insurance. e.g. i bought a policy today that lasts indefinitely. That is the insured period.

If you do not have nothing, then you get nothing....
I agree with you on the 2 scenario

a) You die , get insured amount
b) critical ill and survived, you get payout..

but on post 6, it is 50k for 15 years term(critical illness) and if you are healthy after 15 years, post 6 stated you still get whatever you had contributed and that differs from the Sunlife description.

You see my point now?
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