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Who is the Captain, and why does he keep calling me from 1(702)705-5246...

So after literally months of being harassed by what was in some cases 4-5 calls a week from the same number 1(702)705-5246, I finally answered the call just to talk to someone and get them to stop calling my damn phone.

Big mistake...

I'm sure I'm not the only one on here who has dealt with this bullshit. My girlfriend has been getting calls all month also. Obviously it was some sort of telemarketing scam. But had I known the way it actually worked I would have just let them keep calling for as long as they wanted.

You pick up the phone and get something like this...

“Hello. This is your captain speaking. You will receive two free boarding passes for an all-inclusive cruise to Nassau, Bahamas in exchange for your answers to 10 questions. This is a public opinion poll. The process is automated. Just press the keys on your telephone keypad for your answers. You will receive two free boarding passes for an all-inclusive cruise to Nassau, Bahamas when you’re finished. This process only takes a minute. Press ‘1’ to start the automated survey and receive two complimentary cruise passes. Don't miss the boat. Press 1 now.”

When you press one, it doesn’t matter what you answer in the survey (I told them I was a 65yr old with diabetes) cause the action of pressing 1 tells them your number is active and probably authorizes them in some way to sell your info to other companies. Then an operator comes online at the end and tells you that your gonna get a call from some travel agency to receive your free cruise tickets (but you obviously won’t, and I haven’t) and then they start asking for more personal info. At this point I just told them to take me off their list, but looks like they already got what they wanted.

They also tell you to go to some website to register for your prize which will probably steal more info from you and load your computer up with spyware.

That was 5 days ago. In the past 3 days I have gotten more telemarketing calls from random numbers then I had in the past 3 years.

Just today I got calls from :
a spam text message from 120-191-2894

...and just got another one right now from1-416-481-7535.. (I called this one back and its not even registered, not sure how that works)

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