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Originally Posted by calegrant
And jordan, do you need to bash everyone. Your the guy who's probably put the most money into his car and got smoked by a neon. I'm all for building up something nice and not too over the top, but with all the work and money you put into your car at least make it fast. Go hire some more fat chicks to roll around on your car.
No Neon has ever smoked me.

After I'm done retuning the engine management after the most recent modifications I should be able to run 5.7 seconds 0-60mph if I can hook up off the line (I spin 245's clear into 3rd if I dump and WOT) Thats pretty fast for a N/A m20 thank you very much.

I don't need to have a blistering fast e30. I get paid to build and drive them.

Stop being an ignorant twit, despite how well suited to it you are.
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