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Originally Posted by Derek89E30
Wow, that checklist was great, ive been looking for something exactly like it for so long on the internet, and i finally found it.

So this is my first post on this forum...Im looking into buying a 1989 325is. It has 317000 kms on it, and looks like it is in fairly good condition. Im buying it off of a relatives friend. now, i guess the car was in a accident, it was hit slightly in the back end. the seller rebuilds bmws as a hobby, and has completely rebuilt the rear suspension and replaced the rear axle. Is there anything else in the back that could have been damaged that i should look for? Im a little nervous about buying a car that has been in an accident, but by the sounds of it, hes done a pretty impressive job rebuilding. in the process he also replaced the timing belt and water pump on the engine. any comments would be appreciated. thanks guys.
You have a legal right to take the car to a mechanic for an inspection BEFORE you buy it. I would suggest you take it to a good body shop that can measure if the frame is straight. If you know the car's been in an accident, I wouldn't hesitate to get the frame checked before purchasing. Also, look at the lines of the car and make sure they're straight, i.e. check that the gap between the hood and the 1/4 panels are consistent the whole length, check the same for the rear trunk, bumper, etc...
good luck

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