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Originally Posted by 03 Dinan 3
hey guys,
I've been doing quite a bit of research and I'm looking into buying an E30 as a project and maybe eventual track car.
I've decided that I want to get a 325is or 318is.

From what I know, the 89+ has a LSD I think..

So my 2 choices right now are:

1. 1988 325is with 223,100 kms
2. 1991 318is with 256,000 kms
both are under $3000, both are manual and both appear to be in good shape. The 318 looks like it's in a little better shape exterior-wise

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Ideally I wanted to find one for super cheap, but I want one that is driveable from the get-go.

this checklist is awesome and very detailed too! I'll be sure to apply it when the time comes to look at them.
I used to have a 318, then when i went to the 325...what a difference. IMO, might as well go with the 325 since it might become a track car.

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