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Originally Posted by hadesm5 View Post
I don't understand what's bothering you? I am asking a question and you can answer it or not. If it is getting pathetic for you then you may leave this thread and you don't have to answer my questions. It is not your decision to end this thread.

Having said that, the car is already insured under his name, in Montreal. So you have solved nothing. My problem is that I myself need to drive the car as well when it is in Ontario. I need to do it legally, and I'm not sure how I should go about doing so.

Please take the time to read my questions carefully and answer in a polite manner, otherwise I would appreciate it if you don't answer at all.
You just don't realize you're making a problem out of nothing?! As the above poster stated as well, there is nothing illegal about driving a car insured in another province, given the fact that the owner lives there and has everything under his name there.
You simply lack common sense and are making a fuss and big deal out of nothing.
You are complicating something that really isn't a problem to begin with.
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