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this is a classic example of rice
(this car looks like it's from scarborough)

Classic scarborough rice kit includes
1. windshield banner with clever phrases
2. vinyl "go-fast" stickers
3. Useless mini-foglights
4. Asian characters which probably mean nothing
5. Bright shoulder pads that clash with the rest of the car
6. Dragon stickers, lots of big dragon stickers!!
7. Huge spoiler that isn't designed for the car
8. The biggest exhaust tip possible
9. 15" steel wheels

Wow!!, 340km/h?? And it still holds together?

Remember kids, stickers are much cheaper than a body kit and add a whole wackload of horsepower!!

Quebec plates? It just HAD to be canadian

I guess security ties are a must if you dont want to lose your bling-bling hubcaps...

Gotta love that quarter mile time!!

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-Remus full catback
-Authentic Rieger Infinity I body kit
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