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Thirteen Year Old 'forced Child Bride' Flogged in Afghanistan

'Thirteen Year Old Child Bride Flogged in Afghanistan

CNN's Nic Robertson examines the harsh realities of forced marriage for some Afghan child brides. (Disturbing images)


' April 30, 2010 — Foxnews - We Tolerate The Cultivation Of Opium Poppies

And the chances are that the CIA encourage it! Back before 9/11 the amount of opium exported from Afghanistan made up about 20% of the heroin on the streets, comparted to now, after years of fighting the Taliban, and with a new government, the opium leaving Afghanistan makes up as much as 90% of the opium trade. And yet they still try and blame the Taliban.

Could it be that the CIA werent making enough out of the resources in Afghanistan because of the Taliban trying to limit the production?? Good excuse for a war id say!

Geraldo Rivera talks to troops in Afganistan about the cultivation of opium poppies for C.I.A. black operations. ' and we torture people too
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