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Originally Posted by estoguy View Post
@Bullet Ride - Your brake line set up: So that is for the rear lines right? I was reading somewhere that if/when those rear lines have to be done, they are a real bitch because they pass through the subframe (?) somehow, right? So you just bypassed that and went around? Some more details on this would be greatly appreciated. Looks great BTW.
Yes it's for rear lines. The rear lines are a bitch to do because the distribution block is tough to get at and the majority of the time the brake fittings are corroded and you can't get anything apart without mangling everything. the brake line doesn't go through the subframe, it goes up and over it, that part isn't too hard to do if you use the old line as a template to bend the new one.

Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
I like how the old line that goes over the tank and T are still there aha.
Yeah **** that, I wasn't going to wast my time trying to hack the old shit out not on that car anyway lol
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