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Replaced Oil Sensor but Light Still On (E46)

For a few months now I've had my oil light come on after I shut the car off (usually only after I drove short distances, such as to the local bank or anywhere within ~7km). Recently (before I changed my sensor) I was getting my oil light while driving (usually always came on after a cold start, after driving for about ~8 minutes) and it would go away after about 10-15 minutes into my drive. I figured it wasn't a big deal (seemed like my was sensor crapping out) since my oil level was fine and I'd change my sensor when I was due for my next oil change.

Well I changed my oil and sensor over the weekend and all was fine for one day. Today after shutting the car off after a short drive I had my light come on.

What could the issue be? Obviously it isn't the sensor, and, my oil level is spot on and always has been (no leaks, no burning, etc.).

While changing the sensor, I took quick glance at my connectors and wires and everything seemed fine. Am I looking at a major engine issue here? What could it be?

P.S. - Engine runs fine, no smoke or anything of that sort, pulls and runs like from the day I got it. Car is an '04 325i, 93,000 KM. I changed the sensor with an OEM BMW sensor and have always used BMW 5w30 oil.
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