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hee hee well guess im going to take at trip down the shop and get some forged pistons and rods and a megasquirt. but what do u guys recomend Turbo or an S.charger what will last the longest? im counting on running about 18-20 psi
20 psi on a turbo and 20 psi on a supercharger are two different things...the amount of power that you would make on 10 psi of turbo boost, you would make the same power running about 7-8 psi of supercharger boost.

personnaly I'd go with turbo, basically because you have alot more room for improvment. and its more effeciant.

Here is my setup BTW...ETA bottom end "I" head...planning on running about 15 psi for daily driving and about 20-25 for the track.
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