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Bimmersport yet again

Well, I needed to have my ticking time bomb of a cooling system brought up to date so I asked Charlie if he could hook me up on kinda short notice for today (Saturday). Anyway, he did and now my fear of overheating is no more. Saw a few max members there so time went along pretty fast while we were shootin the shit.

Greek- Nice meeting up with you again man. Hopefully the dude at the exhaust shop came through for ya. I wanted to stick around to see your ride but 24 hours without sleep was catching up on me pretty fast.

Rocco- What can I say man? You have one sexy ass ride!

Marky Mark- Great job with detailing Charlie's X5 man. I know you weren't finished when I left but the paint was looking pretty sweet.

Oh ya, Jon kinda helped out a little I think He was too busy talking about his new TURBO CIVIC that's hittin the streets. I believe him and Greekthang have a race set up for sometime this summer. Should be interesting
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